music bio

Julian’s interest in music goes back to his childhood where he attempted to play just about every instrument in his school orchestra.  He focused on the violin and became classically trained..  In 1994, Julian was asked to DJ a private party in a one bedroom apartment in New York City for a friend.  Julian had never Deejay’d  before, but a club promoter heard Julian, and asked him to become a resident DJ at the Limelight in New York City.  That was the start of Julian’s DJ career.

In 1996 Julian was asked to DJ his first Circuit Party in Austin, Texas.  Other Circuit Parties quickly followed, and Julian became one of the top Circuit DJs in the world playing such events as:  Winter Party Miami, Black and Blue Montreal, Halloween New Orleans, Saint At Large New York, Red Party Columbus, etc.  

Also, in 1996, Julian attended the Miami Winter Music Conference were a record company executive asked Julian to produce his first dance remix; Lonnie Gordon’s “If You Really Love Me”.  With no experience Julian began his self taught career as a music producer, and has now worked hundreds artists including:  Dolly Parton, Boy George, LeAnn Rimes, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Erin Hamilton, Gloria Gaynor, Right Said Fred, Norma Lewis, Linda Clifford, Charo, Pepper Mashay, Kristine W, France Joli and Mary Wells.  Julian has gone on to also compose music in addition to producing.

Julian was asked to produce his first CD compilation in 1997, and went on to produce more than 20 CDs, selling over 200,000 copies   Julian has also produced hundreds of Podcast with more than 20,000 monthly listeners.

Julian has never been attracted to the darker styles of music, but prefers happy up-beat, groovy, disco, house,  Latin, and gospel inspired rhythms.  Today, Julian resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he continues to DJ and write and  produce music.